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Network Configuration & SecurityThe risks to today's global communications systems are very real. Network threats like viruses, worms and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks are becoming more sophisticated. An increasingly mobile workforce still utilize unsecured networks. Regulatory compliance requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, and the penalties stiff. With all these factors in place, virtually every organization is at risk.

These issues aren't solved with a product, but rather through a methodical approach to network design, implementation and support. By focusing on security at every point within the network, Veytec delivers integrated security solutions that identify, prevent and mitigate risks to your network.

As a Cisco Certified Partner, Veytec fully understands how Cisco's Self-Defending Network can address your security requirements. Combining our Cisco expertise with broader network security skills and certifications, Veytec can help secure your network, reduce the complexity of security management and increase the productivity of your organization.

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