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Veytec has been a CX Specialized partner since early 2020, and in 2021 became one of the first 20 US partners to reach the Advanced Customer Experience Specialization. We now have the best ways to get certified with minimal disruption to operations, and also have refined our methods for maximizing the CX model with regard to renewals and important Cisco incentive programs. Between ourselves and other partners we’ve helped, our team has already shown success in passing 5 Cisco CX Audits.

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Learn from a Partner who has been in your shoes

Veytec is, first and foremost, a Cisco Partner for over 25 years. We are the first Regional Partner to complete the Advanced CX requirements. We understand the challenges partners face with these business certifications and have developed training, processes and tools to streamline the certification process and CX practice building.

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USA Central Region

CX Partner of the Year

Veytec is proud to be a Cisco Partner and equally proud to be named the USA Central Region CX Partner of the Year. We couldn’t have earned this recognition without our commitment to engagement, outstanding execution, and advocacy of Cisco with our customers.

For the past two decades, we’ve helped our customers implement Cisco services to solve any gaps in their IT infrastructure. We prioritize delivering the smoothest possible process to our customers. Veytec looks forward to building upon our continued Cisco partnership in FY23 and beyond.

Maintain Gold Partner Certifications and Differentiate with CX

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In April of 2022, Cisco will require all GOLD Partners to be certified in Customer Experience. Additionally, as Cisco completes their pivot towards Software, Services and Recurring Contracts, partners without an established CX practice risk losing ground when it comes to competing for Enterprise Agreements and other new selling motions.

Our CX Practice Development offer can help your team get certified in approximately 3 weeks while also showing you how to maximize the benefits of the program and create a smooth experience for your clients to interact with you and adopt Cisco’s solutions.

The Value of CX Practice Development with Veytec

We Make The Process Painless

We can help you achieve certification in just three weeks. We worked for more than a year to streamline the entire process—from test day to next year’s audit—to reduce the time and resources it takes to maintain your certification.

Our team has already passed five audits for ourselves and on behalf of our partners. We can help you prepare the documentation to pass, too. We’ve done it before.

We Go Above and Beyond

Meeting the bare minimum requirements will keep a Gold Partnership in your grasp. But we do more than that; we teach you how to exceed those requirements to better your business. We can teach your organization how to use Cisco’s standards to provide better customer service, identify more cross-sell opportunities, and book recurring deals.

We Increase Your Profitability

At the end of the day, revenue is what keeps your doors open. Our offering teaches you how to maximize the opportunities available to Cisco CX Certified partners. This includes partner profitability like rebates, incentives and leads directly from Cisco.

CX Practice Development Offering

Cisco CX Audit and Preparation

We will help you develop your
team and get the documentation you need to become certified
in just three weeks.

Cisco CX as a Service

Our CX Specialists can help facilitate Lifecycle Opportunities, create Customer Success Plans, and drive adoption alongside your team.

Advanced Cisco CX Audit Preparation

Ready to level up? We can help you achieve advanced certification.

See Real Results Fast

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Give us a call. We’ll show you the data and walk through how this certification has helped our own Cisco partnership and revenue.

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