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When you are looking for IT consulting, trust experts at Veytec who have been operating for more than 40 years.

Our company focuses on achieving outcomes. Our engineers are trained to listen to your organization’s problems and offer real solutions that aren’t too complex.

Our staff routinely assists organizations with technology roadmaps, management of renewals, budget planning, and critical audit or disaster recovery planning.

Solve your IT problems today. Talk to a Veytec engineer.

Network Assessment

Our staff can help you identify any network vulnerabilities, including performance issues and compliance risks. Our comprehensive assessments are designed to empower you to optimize your network for faster and more secure accessibility.

Our network assessment can help you:
● Maintain your network inventory
● Discover device details (like IP addresses and serial numbers)
● Determine end-of-support dates
● Identify network and security vulnerabilities and find recommended solutions

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Security Assessment

Veytec uses a combination of tactical assessment and red-teaming to fully investigate the health our your systems. Our trained security engineers look for any vulnerabilities and check for weakness against common cybercrimes like ransomware, phishing and malware.

Veytec’s security assessment is designed to:

    • Identify weaknesses
    • Expose vulnerabilities
    • Help create a strong remediation plan

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