Stratigic Partners

Veytec leadership is committed to partnering with industry leaders to provide the technology solutions which are most relevant to your organization. We also attempt to remain disciplined in our vendor selection process so that you can trust any solution we provide is backed by industry-leading training and certifications held by our staff.

We are extremely proud of our long partnerships with Cisco and Netapp, as well as the immerging partnerships with have with other vendors which allow us to design, support and provide solutions to your organizational challenges.

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As the first Cisco partner in the Southeast and multiple-time Cisco Partner of the Year, Veytec is a certified expert.

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NetApp is a leader in the hybrid cloud and data management. Veytec is proud to be a NetApp Gold Partner.

Other Vendors

Veytec is committed to maintaining expertise in today’s industry-leading technologies. See all our partnerships.

Community Partnerships

Headquartered in Orlando, Veytec is dedicated to creating strong connections with local businesses.

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