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About Veytec. The Veytec Approach.

Customer-First Operations


A smooth customer experience (CX) can mean different things throughout our industry. At Veytec, our customer experience is based on how we practice our values.

We understand that maintaining daily operations is demanding in its own regard. That’s why we act as a communicator, advocate and advisor throughout your organization’s journey.

When you partner with us, you unlock a team of certified account representatives, customer success managers and senior engineers that stay with you for the duration of your partnership. These are the same individuals who will answer support tickets or implement new technologies at your organization.

At Veytec, we combine a detailed Problem Solving Approach with our take on the Modern Customer Experience to create a smooth and predictable process for your team to take on initiatives and work with selected IT vendors and partners.

Veytec Ven Diagram

Problem Solving Framework: The 3 Ps

At Veytec, we use “The Three Ps” to solve our customers’ problems.


The three Ps are:


  • We understand that every individual we work with has different needs and goals. We work with leaders throughout your organization to provide the right staffing, monitoring, and support solutions to maximize your investment on IT initiatives throughout the enterprise.


  • We partner with strategic vendors to master the implementation and support of highly technical solutions. We find solutions that match your scope and architect solutions built to take your organization into the future.


  • We want to understand your requirements and align these with processes (not just products). Our staff will work to account for audit requirements, industry practices, and internal procedures to ensure any solution we recommend has a process to meet your goals.

At Veytec, we couple our problem-solving approach with a Modern Customer Experience throughout your relationship with us. At the center of this is our focus on creating a smooth process for you to interact with us and your technology partners. Our Customer Experience process provides your organization coverage throughout all five critical phases:


1 Design

Veytec uses in-house technology architectures across all major environments. We stay current and relevant in solutions, support and design. This allows us to customize solutions specific to the needs of your organization.

2 Deploy

Veytec is made unique by our staff of industry-certified engineers. We keep our work in-house so that you can be sure you’ll work with the same team members you already know on all your projects.

3 Support

Often, the support phase is directly informed by the “People” discussion we have during our “3 P” approach and finding the right people, from our organization or yours, to make the process work for you.

4 Planning

We scrutinize the vendors we chose to partner with so that we can work as a close-knit team with all partners and provide end-to-end planning solutions. These will always account for each of the “3 P’s” so you are not left with only products and no process or people to help maximize your investments.

5 Communicate

We understand that active communication is the foundation of all successful long-term relationships. Our Customer Success Managers work with each client to develop a communication strategy that works for your team’s needs.

Veytec is built on customer service. Learn more about what our commitment to CX means to us.
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