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Network Security. Defense in Depth.

Veytec “3 P” Approach


Security is at the heart of each engagement with our team of professionals. Cybersecurity threats are changing daily, and we believe organizations need to develop the right mix of People, Products and Processes to combat these threats. This is why at Veytec, we employ our “3 P” approach for each engagement and take the security discussion across all architectures and parts of your organization.

Network Secutiry

The Risks of an Unsecured Network


Just like physical security best practices, or those found in military training, we believe a layered approach (defense in depth) to protecting your data is critical with constantly changing threat patterns. We work with each client to identify the requirements, processes, people and products which will make up your comprehensive security strategy.

Data and Network security is a process at Veytec. We work with each client to define the right goals, solutions, people and processes. Some of the tools in our security portfolio include:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Cloud-Based DNS layer security
  • Content Filtering
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Endpoint Protection and Malware Security
  • Incident Response Planning and Rehearsals
  • Security Awareness Training

The Veytec Methodology


Gone are the days of protecting data with “set and forget” hardware solutions. Our staff works across six critical areas to tailor a solution that works for you and your team. By finding solutions in each area using People, Products and Processes, we will help you gain confidence in your security posture:

1 Understanding Audit requirements and internal policy.

2 Identifying the right products and solutions to create a layered approach to secure your data and meet your requirements.

3 Developing a routine for monitoring and reporting each solution we recommend.

4 Scanning, Patching and Maintaining solutions across all network architectures.

5 Developing Battle Drills and Rehearsals so that each player knows what to do in the event of a security incident.

6 Developing advanced responses.

We routinely partner with national organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI Cyber Crimes Desk, and TALOS to stay current on threats and best practices.

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Advanced Security

Advanced Security Architecture


Veytec’s investment in training and industry certifications includes our firm’s Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialization.

Our staff of professionals can assist with:

  • Securing your network
  • Reducing the complexity of security management
  • Development of security and incident response plans.
  • Increasing the productivity of your organization
  • Monitoring and responding to attacks
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